6 Valentine's Day Gifts for Sophisticated Stoners

1 – Homemade Weed Chocolate 

What’s better than getting delicious chocolate as a gift? How about delicious chocolate that gets you high! There are a lot of fancy looking and great tasting edibles filling the legal marijuana markets, and these can make a great gift if you have access to them. But for those of you who do not have access to purchasing weed candy, try making it! 

The key to a successful edible is starting with good weed oil or butter. You can purchase it, or find many tutorials online and in books on making your own. Check out this tutorial on Reddit for a great small-batch recipe of THC infused coconut oil.  

You can add your weed coconut oil into any recipe for making chocolates or candy bars. You can also put it in a cake, truffles, or chocolate covered strawberries! I like to mix it with peanut butter, real coconut, or caramel and use a silicone ice cube tray to make bite-sized chocolates with a variety of insides!  

Tip: Skip the weed oil and buy a distillate from a dispensary! Inject about 5mg into each chocolate before refrigerating to save time and effort. 

2 – Joint Bouquet 

A gorgeous homemade gift for the stoney love of your life! This DOES require a bit of effort, as well as about a quarter ounce of weed, but it’s really a showstopper. Follow these steps to make a personalized joint bouquet for someone you love!  

3 – Kush Kards 

Image from kushkards.com

We really like Kush Kards. They can be kind of corny, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But some of them are actually pretty tasteful (and highlarious), and if you have the supplies you can just make your own! To make a personalized Kush card for any occasion you will likely need: 

  • cardstock paper 
  • markers/ pen/ pencil  
  • ruler 
  • scissors 
  • thin wire 
  • a nicely rolled joint! 
  1. Most greeting cards are 5×7″, so you’ll want to start by using your ruler, pencil, and scissors to cut your cardstock. Fold it in half, measure how much to cut off each end to make it 5×7″. 4×6″ is also a standard card size, so check the size of your envelope before cutting. 
  2. This next part calls for some creativity. You’ll need to make a cover and an inside to your card. Mark where you want to put your joint. You CAN do it inside, but it stands a better chance at not being crushed if you put it right on the front. 
  3. You can look at the Kush Kards website for inspiration, but really the point of making one yourself is to be able to personalize this for your recipient. An inside joke, or putting their favorite animal or cartoon character, is what takes this from rip-off to thoughtful gift! You don’t have to make it PERFECT because a large part of the charm is knowing this is hand made. Use markers, paint, glitter, and whatever you have on hand to make this card unique!  

    Tip: If you really want a certain image on the card, weather a photo you took or a certain character, just print one out! Print the image so it takes up 50% of a regular sheet of printer paper (or glossy if you don’t intend to add any embellishments by hand) and fold it in half! 
  4. Once decorated and the inside is filled out, cut two small pieces of wire, about 1.5″- long. Bend them into a U. Starting from outside the card (front), poke the ends through so they stick out on the inside of the card (don’t go all the way through both sides). Slide your joint in before tightening the wires by twisting the ends together in the back. Fold them down carefully so they aren’t pointy and sticking straight out.  

4 – CBD/THC Bath & Body Products 

One of the most luxurious ways to indulge in THC/CBD is with a topical bath or body product. Bath bombs are a gift you can use together, or it can be a pre-gift your loved one can use before your big date; or something they can hold onto and use on a particularly rough day! 

Other body products that are highly romantic are massage and body oils. These come in a variety of scents and THC/CBD levels. This is another gift that is great for both the giver and recipient & can be used again and again. Make sure you know your partner well enough to pick a good scent, and to know if they would be better off with CBD/ THC or a certain ratio of both!  

5 – Make a Themed Basket or Box 

I LOVE making boxes or baskets to celebrate just about any event with someone I care about! For a Valentine’s Day box I would definitely include activities to do together and not just gifts for the recipient. These can contain a whole date within them! 

This is one of those things you can save a lot of money on with homemade items, like cookies or cards or bath bombs like these. Always stick to a theme to make it cohesive and easier to plan gifts. I typically try to plan out several of the items I want to give before finding a box so I know how big or small to make it.  

A good formula for a box or basket is: something edible just for them to save for later, something edible to share, drinks or a bottle of alcohol, 2 activities, a smoking related item, two on-theme items. You can throw in things you already own to do for activities! 

Click here for ten awesome box themes and examples!  

Extra: Smoking Accessories  

Chances are, there are very few stoners out there with EVERYTHING they could ever use for smoking. If you’re going to buy your date a weed related gift, think about how they like to intake cannabis before buying. Keep in mind if they prefer Sativa (day time) or Indica (night time) strains of marijuana. Here are some suggestions for all types of stoners: 

Do they prefer edibles? Get them some top shelf edibles they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, or a distillate they can add to their own food whenever they want! Most marijuana dispensaries sell a variety of distillates.  

For a blunt/ joint smoker: glass tips for smoking are a wonderful thing to have, but not too many people know about them. Cut down on waste and feel fancy when you’re puffing that joint with a nice glass tip! I recommend buying some papers or wraps and rolling one up to go with it.  

A date who likes to smoke out of glass may already have a piece they love, but I’ve never seen anyone get upset at having more glass added to their collection! A small amount of searching on instagram and you can find a glass artist perfectly happy to make a custom piece, sometimes for under $100. But if that’s out of price range, anyone with glass can always make use of reusable glass screens (very cheap on amazon), a cleaning solution, or a nice case or bag to put their piece in when not in use.  

Tip: if you’re looking to buy a new piece, consider every aspect of it. How comfortably it sits in your hand, if it can sit flat on a table, if the hole is big enough for a glass screen, if the bowl is shallow or deep, etc. First look by aesthetic, then narrow down by functionality. 

Gifting to someone who loves to do dabs? Look for a nice Q-tip holder, carb cap, or banger for their piece (make sure you get these things in the right sizes!). A torch will always be useful to someone who likes their dabs as well, especially if you personalize it a little bit with stickers etc.  

For someone who loves to vape: there are very few accessories that go with vapes that don’t already come with purchase of one. So a nice gift for someone who likes to vape would be a high quality cartridge, or a refillable one along with distillate or wax to go with it.  

6 – Marijuana Coasters 

Homemade gifts are really the best gifts! One fun thing to give a stoner in your life is something like this. A simple coaster with a pot leaf in it is strangely elegant (plus it shows you care about your coffee table, something every adult should strive for). These go for $35+ for a set of 4, but are pretty easy to make! 

You will need: 

  • A hard resin epoxy 
  • A container with a coaster-sized base for a mold 
  • Vaseline  
  • Marijuana leaves (freshly picked or well pressed) or pretty buds 
  • Aluminum Foil 

To make: 

  1. Find a container that is the circumference you want the coasters to be. If you have more than one, this will save you some time. Oatmeal tins work well for me. Cut the top off so it’s only about 3″ deep.  
  2. Take a 15″ sheet of foil, fold into quarters to increase its sturdiness, press it into the container as snugly as possible, making sure there are no folds or creases that liquid could leak out of. This is now a duplicate mold. Pull the aluminum foil out and repeat enough times to make the number of coasters you want.   
  3. Put a very thin coating of Vaseline on the inside of the container and each foil mold. Spray-on Mold Release would be even better if you have it. 
  4. Get a hard resin epoxy, which you can usually find at a hardware or craft store, or order online. Make sure you have enough to make the number of coasters you want! You can approximate how much liquid your molds will hold with measured water before buying epoxy, so you don’t get too much (it’s usually pretty pricey, and does not have a very long shelf life). You shouldn’t make your coasters more than a half inch think.  

    Tip: resins come in a variety of cure times, ranging from a few minutes to a whole day. Give yourself enough time to pour all your molds before it’s cured!  
  5. Follow the instructions on your epoxy to mix it. It’s generally mixing a 1:1 ratio of the two components it comes with, and it’s VERY important to make sure you get all of both compounds out of their containers, or you can end up with sticky partially-cured epoxy. Always wear gloves and do this in a well ventilated area.  

    Tip: Stir gently and try to get as little air into the mixture as possible; pour into your molds from high up in a very thin stream to reduce bubbles.  
  6. After you pour the epoxy, place a leaf in the center and use the blunt end of a skewer or other poking device to press it gently into the epoxy. Don’t press it all the way to the bottom if you can help it. If you can’t procure marijuana leaves, break pretty nugs into ¼ inch bits and preserve those in the epoxy instead. Warning: some stoners might be offended at the waste of good weed if you do it this way!  
  7. Let the epoxy cure and pop them out of the molds. Wipe the Vaseline off, and you’re done!  


Presentation is everything!

Regardless of what you end up doing from this list, always be mindful of how you present your gift(s).  If you’re on a budget, focus on the ambience you set for your loved one for your date and be thoughtful about the appearance of whatever you end up doing for them—it won’t go unnoticed! It’s the little things that truly take things from an obligation or tradition to something romantic and heartfelt. 

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